Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy Mums 3

One thing is common with every child; they want to have a party on their birthdays. It’s a feeling that every one of us has had at one point in time in our lives. When we were children, we used all sorts of techniques to make our parents throw parties for us. We entered deals with our parents, such as If you come first to fifth position this term, I’ll throw a big party for you, or we pestered their lives until they finally gave in, or we had specific years that had to be marked like 1yr, 2yrs, 5yrs, 10yrs, 13 yrs, and 16 yrs. Whatever techniques we used, children of yesterday, today and tomorrow still want parties. The only problem is parents of yesterday are not exactly the parents of today and tomorrow. Now we have mums and dads who are full time working class. In other words, “No time”. This is where you come in.

Start a children party planning business.

Let me show you how:

Step 1: Discuss with the parent on what ideas they have for their children’s party. You can also ask the child for what his/her party ideas are. Children have the most amazing imagination. Be careful to listen more than you talk, so that you can take note of your client’s expectations. Also please take note of your client’s budget. This is very important for the planning.

Step 2: Plan the theme, dress code, costumes, décor, venue, food, caterers, drinks, cake, assorted goodies, party packs, invitations, thank you notes, fun activities, entertainment, party time plan, cleaning services, etc.

Step 3: Present your proposal to their client, and give them options to choose from.

Step 4: At the party, please have your business cards with you. Other busy mums will be there. Ask your clients for referrals, advertise on facebook, Make friends with the kids (they have pester power), Take pictures of your work to create a fun portfolio, etc.

For your charges, I like to recommend you certain percentage of the clients budget, or you can have a fixed rate for the different services you'll be offering.

To pull this off, you need creativity, organizational skills, and an undying love for kids.

After all, This is not Rocket Science.




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