Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy Mums 4

Hello Y'all

Mum's still busy, and waiting for you to help her out.

She's looking for a lesson teacher.

Most of us used to have them, those teachers that come after school to help us with our home work and explain things we did not understand in class to us.
I love this idea because you already have all you need to start this job. All you need is creativity.

No idea is new, it is just the manner of execution that differentiates us all.

You'll be surprised that parents are not just looking for somebody that will teach their children Maths and English. Most parents just want their children to be productively engaged.

You can offer physical activity services, play outdoor games like the ones we used to play when we were kids. How many children play ten-ten and who is in the garden anymore. DSTV, Play Station, Internet, etc have taken over. The effect is that these children do not burn off the excess energy they have, they just sit down on the couch, building blocks of fat.

You can offer music trainings, if you are so inclined. Do voice training, musical equipments, rap (convince the parents that it's a form of poetry, lol) etc

You can offer craft and fine art trainings. Teach kids how to make diamond bracelets, sew, knit, etc.

You can even offer computer training. Teach kids how to use Photoshop, Corel draw, Powerpoint, Excel, Movie maker, etc.

You can help them start a reading club. They pick a book, and discuss it in gatherings with their friends. This will build their appetite for reading, and presentation skills. They will get articulate and learn how to face a crowd at their tender age.

You can even start a research club. Give them a topic to do research on Encarta Kids, and give a presentation to their friends.

There are so much activities you can do, explore.

Talk to parents in your church, neighbourhood, etc. You can also arrange for a playgroup. You get children in a particular neighbourhood together, and they'll play together.

You can offer your services once or twice a week, so that you can face other clients. Whatever, it's up to you really.

Incase you do not like the role name "lesson teacher", you can call yourself "After-School Care Consultant". It's all about the packaging. Lol.

This is not Rocket Science.

You just need to love kids.



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