Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy Mums 2

Hello, we are still on the Busy Mum Series.

A lot of busy women do not have time to go to the market. They leave the house by 6am, get home by 7/8pm everyday. On weekends, they have a long list of other things they have to do. This is obviously a problem to them, but to you it is a wonderful opportunity.

You can start a convenient shopping service.

This is how it works:

Women send you their market list. This can be done either by a sending a mail or phone call or a text, or by going to their houses/offices or they may even send their drivers to you. It can be in any way that seems convenient for you and your customer.

You go to the market, buy the foodstuff or goods at market prices, clean them according to your customer's specifications, package it neatly and label it, and then deliver, or your customer's driver can come and pick it from your house. It depends on the terms you agree upon.

To charge, I recommend that you charge them a certain percentage of the total amount of their goods as a service fee. You can also charge a fee for delivery for for your cleaning services. In any case, please make it realistic.

If this does not look like a big deal to you, here is your chance.

You have to pay attention to detail, and make customer service your primary concern, and also remember that:

This is not Rocket Science



obi onyinye said...

This is genius really, definitely something to cash into,very realistic, efficient and profitable to the shopper,great idea,and am not just saying.

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