Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Hell0 Everyone,

We have another New Year on our laps, bringing hope and filling us with loads of expectations that better days are yet to come. We are encouraged to take a new lease of life, and inspired to make New Year resolutions. However, we all know the fate of New year resolutions. They have a common destiny (most of the time). We make resolutions, only to break them in the first week of the New Year.

I don't trust myself with New Year Resolutions anymore, but I am sure of one thing. It is a new year, and I need to make changes in my life, or else it will most likely end the way last year ended. Instead I packaged my New Year Resolution in a new way:

I resolved to do something new, and I encourage you to give this a thought.

If you are unemployed, start a business.

If you run a business, do something to improve the business.

Either way, just do something. I challenge you!

I will be showing you how to do some things, but what is most important, is that you open up your heart or maybe your mind.

Please watch this space, this is going to be our most eventful year ever.

This is not Rocket Science.

Happy New Year.


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