Monday, January 18, 2010


Who knows eHow?

It is amazing, these people have become a success from telling people how to do things.

I am sure you have guessed, that is what we are going to be talking about today.

It's called training.
You want a modern name for it, you can call it "Facilitating".

Nowadays, an English teacher has turned into a Communication consultant, teaching you how to pronounce properly (Oral English), how to use the right tenses, (Grammar), etc. Even etiquette is now a big thing, dressing, people are even teaching teenagers how to cook for a fee. These times are really interesting, and it's fun to see how creative people can get to put food on the table, get job satisfaction and fulfill destiny.
The truth is it's is all about packaging, and people pay BIG money for these kind of services. I'm telling you. People are doing it and so can you.
To do this is pretty simple, all you need is to do some soul searching.
Answer this simple question.
What can you do easily that others find difficult to do?
Some of you have have the answer straight up, some may need to do some soul searching, some may need to ask family and friends, what ever you do, have an answer.

Step 2: Develop yourself, get materials, read books, browse, so that you can become more knowledgeable.

Step 3: Look for a target market. Who will be interested in learning what you have to teach?

Step 4: Approach them and set up a small class. When starting, you can charge a very low fee or even free. This will help you to build credibility, make some mistakes and learn from them. Ensure you ask , accept and use feedback wisely. Try to make use of the resources you have around you. Do not start looking for big money, and using lack of funds as an excuse for not doing anything.
Step 5: As you get better, increase your marketing. Ask for referrals, make use of social media, word of mouth, etc.

Step 6: Continuously develop yourself. See it as an investment.
Before you know it, not only will you be smiling to the bank, you will also be in the papers.

This is not Rocket Science
And you know it.



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