Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The love business is serious business

I know I promised to give you tips on what businesses to get involved in this valentine season, but I honestly do not know how time flew. I got caught up with loads and loads of things to do. I just had this nagging thought reminding me that I still had a promise to fulfill, and so here it is.

Your top business ideas you can start this vals season:
  1. Jewelry: Please tell me what is a girl's best friend. You can either make them or resell already made jewelry.
  2. Cake, Chocolate or any other sweet food: What is the other name for val? it's chocolate and cake. It can never be complete without it.
  3. Customised Valentine Cards: very crucial, very vital, very important. It does not matter how much he/she has spent buying other gifts, a card is always part of the package.
  4. Events organising: It's already too late to start this now, but you can plan ahead for next year. Plan events for lovers. It could be getaways, a romantic dinner, etc.
  5. Graphic design: Anything is possible with photoshop. You can create personalised artwork for people. Afterall, a girl can dream, if we can't go to Paris, we can create a picture of us in Paris.
  6. Delivery: Surprise somebody by midnight.
  7. Make-up: Prettify somebody, if I may use that word.
  8. Hair do: Make people sazzy and sexy.
  9. Photography: Repeat after me: Lovers photoshoot.
  10. Make customized clothes for the season.
  11. Interior decoration: You can have a special offer for bedsheets or sexy room decorations.
  12. Love CDs: Make a collection of love songs and compile in a CD.
  13. Do a yard sale: Get a collection of red stuff, and create a attractive spread, somewhere in the open.
  14. Plan a singles event: Who says singles should mourn on that day.
You know anymore?
Please drop a line.

This is not Rocket Science.



Fragilelooks said...

love cds. mhhh . u got me finking nw.

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